About Us

About Minh Pham Bros

About Minh Pham Bros

Minh Pham Bros is the holding company of NOCNDEAL – The No. 1 “Quality” E-marketplace in Vietnam

NOCNDEAL.com is a global business to business trade platform based in Vietnam that connects buyers and sellers throughout the world.

At NOCNDEAL, Simplifying trade for Buyers & Sellers with supply chain solutions that make import & export easy! Especially for business from TPP Agreement’s member countries, Buyer will source from Vietnam with confidence!

NOCNDEAL.com has a primary goal to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise level businesses work safely with verified suppliers. Our services include premium memberships for suppliers authentication, custom product sourcing, trading services, logistics and warehousing, prototyping, trade show promotions, seminars and private events.

Benefits of Sellers
- Professional Website: Premium Features of NOCNDEAL E-marketplace help you build a professional website so as to spread your brand names and products over the world.
- Premium Display: NOCNDEAL Electronic Platform priority is for companies from Viet Nam and member countries of TPP Agreement, including Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Peru, United Sates, Viet Nam and Japan, so your products are not pressured by cheap products, easy reach to buyers who are really care about product quality.
- Efficient Promotion: The process of search engine optimization (SEO) from NOCNDEAL experts will help the website in general and your products in particular, easily reach to buyers so many times than normal.
- Vietnam and International Quality Standards Access: Search engine and database of NOCNDEAL E-marketplace will help you find relevant information about product quality standards according to HS data system (Harmonized System) of Vietnam and the International.
- Efficient Tool to get your short-term goals, additional channel of your company: By your website on NOCNDEAL E-marketplace, your short-term goals which are served for the achievement of your company long-term plans would be easily to get. Besides, the website is also your additional information channel, which is very useful in case of your company official website has technical errors or needs to be upgraded.

Benefits of Buyers
- All products which are listed on NOCNDEAL are clearly categorized, logically presented, help buyers easily to search, find out.
- Products are displayed along with images, easy for selection.
- You can refer lots of Offers from Companies to compare, before making your final decision.
- You can contact directly with the Seller without any third party.
- You can see full information: Business, Products, Website, and Trademarks etc.